On-Site Lab for Quick Turnaround on Dentures for Tempe Patients


Losing teeth, whether due to age, disease or trauma can be extremely stressful. At Palmer Dental, we alleviate the stress for the residents of Tempe, AZ who experience this problem by fitting them with full or partial dentures. We offer high-quality, affordable dentures that allow our Tempe patients to eat, talk and smile as effortlessly as they did with their natural teeth.

Lack of teeth not only creates problems in essential activities like eating and speaking but also can lower a person’s self-esteem. We realize this and strive to provide full or partial dentures to Tempe residents in the shortest possible time.

We maintain an on-site lab that ensures quick turnaround on dentures for our Tempe patients as:

  • Work on crafting the dentures is begun immediately
  • No time is wasted
  • Any adjustments necessary in the denture set are made instantly

Full or Partial Dentures Available in the Tempe Area


We are committed to providing the best full or partial dentures that our Tempe patients need and are affordable. That is why we offer them several types of dentures, with each having its distinct advantages.

Providing removable or permanent dentures, denture implants, flexible partial dentures and fixed partial dentures, offers our Tempe patients many choices that are appropriate and suitable for their dental condition.

We work diligently, using quality materials to ensure that the full or partial dentures we provide to Tempe residents:

  • Look and feel natural
  • Perform well
  • Last long, with due care

Our Denture Repair Services Will Keep You Smiling in Tempe!


We also offer denture repair. A denture set can get broken or otherwise damaged due to excessive wear, poor upkeep or an accident. Our quick and expert denture repair services for Tempe residents restore the efficiency and accurate fit of their dentures, putting a smile back on their face within no time.

The state-of-the-art lab at our facility has everything required to fix broken denture sets flawlessly:

  • Specialized tools
  • Top-grade materials
  • Highly trained denture repair technicians

With our denture repair services, Tempe residents can be sure of an effective and complete solution to their dentures problems.

Want new full or partial dentures? Need denture repair services? Visit Palmer Dental. Tempe residents can call us at 480-757-0882.