On-Site Lab for Quick Turnaround on Dentures for Scottsdale Patients


Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic problem. They can hamper the ability of a person to eat or speak properly, and even lead to further tooth or bone loss. Since 1999, Palmer Dental has been providing full and partial dentures for Scottsdale, AZ residents to replace their lost natural teeth.

One key feature that makes us one of the best places to come for full or partial dentures in the Scottsdale area is our on-site dental lab. Having a fully-equipped laboratory within our premises allows us to meet the denture needs of our patients in the best way possible. It helps us ensure:

  • Quick turnaround on full or partial dentures for Scottsdale patients
  • Superior denture quality with better collaboration between dentist and lab technician
  • Controlled costs resulting in more affordable dentures for our patients

Full or Partial Dentures Available in the Scottsdale Area


Usually, dentures are associated with old age. However, sometimes even young people can lose their teeth due to reasons like impact from an accident or poor oral hygiene. We offer full and partial dentures for Scottsdale residents, no matter why or how they lose their teeth.

Our focus is on ensuring that our patients get excellent dentures that fit perfectly in their mouth, suit their face contours and work as good as their natural teeth. We take care that full or partial dentures for Scottsdale patients are made:

  • By trained and seasoned technicians
  • Precisely to the dental impressions
  • Using high-grade materials and advanced tools
  • With meticulous attention to detail

We are equipped to make all types of dentures that our customers may ask for. Whether they want full or partial permanent dentures, removable full dentures or flexible partial dentures, Scottsdale residents can trust us to meet their needs.

Our Denture Repair Services Will Keep You Smiling in Scottsdale!


Experiencing dentures problems? Have you accidentally broken your denture set? Relax! Our denture repair experts can help you.

We offer denture repair services for Scottsdale residents that will make their broken, chipped or cracked denture sets good again. Reasons the services of our denture repair technicians may be required by Scottsdale residents include:

  • Loose or ill-fitting denture
  • Cracked base
  • Broken tooth

Our detail-oriented approach and expert workmanship results in lasting denture repair solutions that keep our Scottsdale patients smiling and satisfied.

Call 480-757-0882 to learn more about the services Palmer Dental provides for dentures and denture repair in the Scottsdale area.