On-Site Lab for Quick Turnaround on Dentures for Chandler Patients


Are you a resident of Chandler, AZ in need of full or partial dentures? Come to Palmer Dental. We are a premier denture clinic that provides natural-looking, high-quality, affordable dentures to its Chandler patients.

The best thing about coming to us is we offer you a facility with a state-of-the-art dental laboratory on our premises. Having an on-site lab to craft full or partial dentures for Chandler patients allows us to offer them a number of benefits, like:

  • Fast turnaround for their denture sets
  • Face-to-face interaction with lab technician, ensuring that no details get lost
  • Crafting of perfectly-fitting dentures, the very first time around
  • Economical dentures prices

Our denture clinic is the best place to come for full or partial dentures for Chandler residents who want a well-fitting denture and do not wish to wait long for it.

Full or Partial Dentures Available in the Chandler Area


People come to us with different denture needs and we are equipped to meet them all. We can custom-make all types of dentures, full and partial, conventional and immediate. We can also make flexible partial dentures as well as fixed partial dentures for our Chandler patients.

At our clinic, we go all out to meet the denture requirements of our patients in the most efficient and satisfying way. We take every care that the full or partial dentures provided to Chandler patients are:

  • Crafted precisely from the dental impression taken of patient’s mouth
  • Made from top quality materials so that they last long
  • Given natural-looking shape and color so that they look like real teeth

Our Denture Repair Services Will Keep You Smiling in Chandler!


Our dental clinic also offers denture repair services for Chandler residents who happen to chip, crack or break their dentures. With our quick and efficient denture repair services, Chandler residents need not resort to mail-in denture repair options or DIY denture repair kits that often end up making the denture even more unfit for use.

We have trained and experienced technicians whose skillful denture repair work has helped many Chandler patients get their smiles back. Our experts work in our well-equipped on-site lab with the latest tools and technologies to ensure that denture repair jobs for Chandler patients are completed:

  • Quickly
  • With attention to detail
  • To their 100% satisfaction

Chandler residents can rely on Palmer Dental for superior denture service and lasting solution to their dentures problems. Call 480-757-0882.