When is a Dental Bridge the Right Choice?

400x400 cerec logoAnyone who is missing one to three consecutive teeth is a potential candidate for a dental bridge procedure, so-called because it bridges the gap that is created when teeth are missing.

When we place a traditional bridge and secure the dental crowns to teeth on either side of the gap to fill the space, we can fully restore your smile from a function and appearance standpoint!

Dental crowns and tooth bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing teeth or implants.

A dental crown is used to cover an entire damaged tooth. In our practice we may recommend a dental crown procedure to:

  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Replace a large filling when there is an insufficient remaining tooth
  • Protect a weakened tooth from fracturing
  • Attach a bridge
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover a tooth that has had a root canal treatment

Palmer Dental can restore your beautiful natural smile with crowns and bridges. Call us to schedule a consultation.

What is a Dental Crown and Will it Look Natural?

3 unit bridgeDental crowns are custom-made in our on-site laboratory and in most cases are very natural and indistinguishable from your own teeth.

In the preparation of dental crowns we consider many factors to ensure a natural appearance including:

  • The shape, contour, shape and texture of porcelain
  • The appearance in relation to your other natural teeth
  • Relation to gingival and dental crown appearing to emerge naturally from gum tissue

When placing a dental bridge and securing the crowns to teeth on either side of the gap, our dentist and on-site laboratory ensure that the crown restores aesthetics to a natural appearance.

We welcome your visit to our family dentistry practice because we have an intense interest in cosmetic dentistry and understand the importance of having your dental bridge procedure and crowns look natural.

Why Choose Us When You Need Dental Crowns or Bridges?

crown1 before webIf you have damaged or missing teeth, a dental bridge or dental crown is an excellent solution to restore your natural appearance and smile!

Our family dentistry provides a relaxed and friendly environment and the highest standard of dental care. These are additional reasons to choose us when you need dental crowns or bridges:

  • Our sincere concern about you and your unique needs
  • A passionate desire to provide you with a healthy natural smile
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • An on-site laboratory for quick turnaround
  • crown1 after webAssistance in helping you make an informed decision about your treatment option
  • Gentle care by all team members

Call Palmer Dental to discuss treatment options such as a dental bridge vs. implant, a dental crown procedure, or a consultation to learn more about what sets us apart from others in the area. 480-757-0882