On-Site Lab for Quick Turnaround on Dentures for Gilbert Patients


Having badly damaged or missing teeth can be quite difficult and embarrassing for anyone in Gilbert, AZ. Fortunately, Palmer Dental is here to correct this by making full or partial dentures that look, work and feel just like real teeth.

We understand that absence of teeth is a big nuisance. Therefore, we work with the goal of providing dentures to our Gilbert patients as quickly as possible. Having a fully-equipped dental laboratory on our premises goes a long way in helping us achieve this.

With an on-site lab to make their full or partial dentures, our Gilbert patients enjoy:

  • Highly qualified lab technicians on-site
  • Minimum waiting period for getting their denture
  • Savings on dentures costs

The lab also helps us achieve quick turnaround on denture repair jobs.

Full or Partial Dentures Available in the Gilbert Area


Modern dentistry techniques have ensured that people can get full or partial dentures in the Gilbert area without compromising their comfort or quality of life. At our lab we are equipped to craft all types of dentures. From permanent dentures to denture implants to removable or flexible partial dentures, we make them all for Gilbert residents.

The full or partial dentures that we offer our Gilbert patients to replace their natural teeth are made to help them:

  • Regain their ability to eat properly
  • Preserve their facial contours
  • Smile with confidence

Our technicians work diligently to get accurate dental impressions of the patients. The full or partial dentures for Gilbert patients are made carefully to ensure that they offer a perfect fit.

Our Denture Repair Services Will Keep You Smiling in Gilbert!


Sometimes denture sets can break or get damaged. This does not necessarily call for denture replacement. We offer denture repair services for Gilbert residents to restore their damaged denture to its original condition.

The common reasons for which our denture repair services may be required by Gilbert residents include:

  • Poor denture fit
  • Dropping the denture accidentally
  • Natural wear & tear on denture

We strive to offer same day service for most denture repair jobs so that our Gilbert patients keep smiling and have regain use of dentures quickly.

When you need high-quality, yet affordable dentures or a seamless denture repair service, Palmer Dental is the place to visit. Gilbert residents can call 480-757-0882 to schedule an appointment.